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At Kitwell Primary School we believe that learning should be a life-long enterprise. We aim to develop our pupils Learning Power, not just so they can complete school learning more easily and effectively, but so they will leave school with the ‘disposition’ (a set of habits and attitudes) which will serve them well as they boldly go through the journey of life.

What is BLP all about?

BLP is about learning how to be a better learner. It is about the individual learner, their personal ‘disposition’ towards learning. The BLP ‘capacities’ are a set of ‘learning muscles’ that need to be exercised so that they grow strong. This is something that can be learnt, practised and improved.

It is about creating habits and attitudes which enable pupils to face difficulty and uncertainty calmly, confidently and creatively. It is about practical strategies that can be used in real situations. It is not a subject in itself, rather it is a ‘framework’ that sits within and across all lessons.

Here are some documents which will help you find out more about BLP!

What is Building Learning Power?

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