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Outlined below are the changes to the National Curriculum which came into effect from 1st September 2014.

The aim of the changes is to ensure that children nationally are: productive, creative, well-educated and ready for their secondary education and life beyond.

In order to achieve this, the government has designed a curriculum which raises the expectations for pupils in each year group and places a high emphasis on the basic skills of reading, writing and maths. As a result, most children will be taught certain skills earlier than they were before.

In Years 2 and 6, children will continue to sit the SATs tests for reading and maths for the time being and for this reason, these year groups will predominantly follow the older curriculum objectives, with some additional objectives from the new curriculum included.

As the new National Curriculum is not linked to the current levels, a newer way of measuring progress and attainment is being introduced at Kitwell Primary School. Details will follow when our new system is finalised.

Many subjects remain essentially the same. However, there is now an emphasis on the new computing curriculum that replaces ICT.

Learning a foreign language is now compulsory in KS2. At Kitwell Primary School, we now teach a combination of French and Spanish.

At Kitwell Primary School, we prioritise the need to personalise the curriculum to meet the needs of our children. We place a strong emphasis on key skills and enquiry based learning, and over several months we have been working hard to ensure the National Curriculum is carefully mapped to reflect the age and ability of our children, as well as building a progression of key skills to underpin the objectives in each subject area.

‘Prospectus Curriculum’ topics are being taught and delivered in each year group. These topics will create exciting and engaging learning opportunities for our children. Class curriculum overviews will appear on our website as the year progresses. The ‘Prospectus Curriculum’ website can be found at http://www.prospectuscurriculum.co.uk/

Here is an overview of changes to subject areas in the new National Curriculum:

Changes to the English curriculum:

Changes to Mathematics:

Changes to Science:

Computing (formally known as ICT):

Changes to Design Technology:

Changes to Geography:

Changes to History:

Languages (formally Modern Foreign Languages):

The document links below from Raising Stars explain the changes in the new national curriculum and also the changes in methods of assessment. The guides provide a clear outline of the new content, by year group, with some background information about how the curriculum and assessment works. There are also summary posters provided by teacher Michael Tidd. You can take a look at his blog by clicking HERE.

Year 1 Parent Guide

Year 1 Jigsaw Chart

Year 2 Parent Guide

Year 2 Jigsaw Chart

Year 3 Parent Guide

Year 3 Jigsaw Chart

Year 4 Parent Guide

Year 4 Jigsaw Chart

Year 5 Parent Guide

Year 5 Jigsaw Chart

Year 6 Parent Guide

Year 6 Jigsaw Chart