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On this page, you will find details of the Kitwell Primary School Curriculum.

For our cross curricular learning, we follow the Prospectus Curriculum.

A full list of themes for Years 1-6 can be found at:-


These documents show how our new Maths curriculum

reflect the changes brought about my Curriculum 2014:

Algebra and Reasoning

Fraction, Decimals and Percentages



Number Operations

Place Value

Ratio, Proportion and Statistical Reasoning

The Class Curriculum

Home Learning Grids, Class Newsletters and Curriculum Planners

can now be found at…


Click on your child’s year group at the top of the

‘Documents for Home’ page.

Other Schemes of Work

Kitwell School also uses a number of other schemes of work to support the children’s learning.

Religious Education - http://www.discoveryschemeofwork.com/

Phonics - http://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/ and http://www.letters-and-sounds.com/

PSHE - http://www.gogivers.org/

A Specialist Sports Coach from http://www.steps2sport.com/ supports the delivery of our P.E. Curriculum.