Staff List

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This list is current as of September 2017...

Staff List 2017-2018

Head Teacher: Mrs M. Shevels

Deputy Head Teacher: Mr P. Kendrick

Teachers and their classes:

Nursery: Mrs T. Bromhall/Mrs J. Mistry

Year R: Mrs L. Collins/Mrs S. Kirk

Year 1: Mrs B. Humble/Mrs T. Ricci

Year 2: Miss R. Jones

Year 3: Mr S. Dooley

Year 4: Miss S. Raja

Year 5: Miss N. Southall

Year 6: Mrs C Childs

PPA: Mrs L. Twomey/Mrs R. Pincher

Inclusion Manager: Mrs D. Potts

School Business Manager: Miss L. Dixon

School Office Staff: Mrs S. Bates and Mrs D. Quigley

BSS: Mr S. Homer

School Cook: Mrs N. Larcombe

Senior Lunchtime Supervisor: Mr C Bassett

Sports Coach: Steps2Sport Coaches

Family Support/Attendance

Mrs L. Marsh

Learning Support Assistants

Mrs E. Dudley

Mrs I. Jarrett

Mrs J. Keen

Mrs N. Mazic

Mrs S. Wincott

Miss L. Jones

Mr C. Bassett

Mr N. Martin

Miss L. Cotterell