Here is our ‘Friday 13th Scary Story’ from Sinister Storm!!

Last year a news article caught the eye of many people around the world. A family of five moved into a new house in California! One week before Christmas. The parents started to unpack their belongings.While the children went upstairs to see their new rooms, one of the children could hear scratching she tiptoed back down the stairs. She could still hear scratching but then she slowly grabbed onto the door knob she turned it …

The noise had stopped! She took one step into the room which she thought was a cupboard but then…

She fell! She fell down some stairs which leaded to the basement. As she got up she looked all around her but she couldn’t see anything. She started to cry because she was hurt she bellowed out “Daddy,Daddy help.” But there was no answer. Then she saw something out of the corner of her eye…

She had a feeling all along that something strange was watching her. She stood up and walked over to the other side of the room. She found an old rug, she lifted it up carefully and moved it to one side.What she found was very strange. It was a door in the floor.She opened up the door and then she was looking into oblivion.She slowly turned and then…BANG! The door had closed all on its own, if she didn’t do it, who did?

While this was happening the parents were getting the boxes ready to take down to the basement .They picked up the boxes and walked to the door under the stairs they put down the boxes and opened the door…

BLOOD! There was words written in blood saying `look behind you!` so they looked behind.There was nothing there.They turned on the light but it started to flicker.As they stepped onto each step they found a tiny drop of blood, but as they got further down the drops got bigger and bigger.When they had reached the bottom of the stair they found out that their daughter was…DEAD! But what they didn’t know was that the hole in the floor had killed her.So the parents decided to put cameras in the basement to see what had killed their daughter.That night they sat and watched what was going on in the basement…

Then a strange looking thing swept across the camera and they didn’t know what it was so they re-winded what they had just watched, and they found out it was a…GHOST! But they saw something strange about it. It was wearing the same clothes as there little girl.

It was now one day before Christmas when the ghost came back, to the house.The other two children went down to the basement and they found the same hatch that the little girl did.When they looked down into the door in the ground  they were thinking about what they would have for Christmas and then …

A dead clown came out of the whole in the floor.It started following the children around the basement and then it MURDERED them …

I am scared of  crickets and locust,

Like a portly cat is horror struck by the smelly impatient dog,

Like gorgeous pure petals terrified of children’s murderous hands,

Like a crisp piece of paper alarmed by the destructive pot of pitch black ink,

Like a miniature spider is apprehensive about crystal clear water,

Like glimmering ice is afraid of the mocking sun,

I am scared of crickets and locust.

On behalf of all the children we would like to say a big thank you for all the lovely comments and advice that you, the readers, have given.  The children will continue to post right the way through to Christmas so please keep reading.  After our fear poems, children have been given the choice of writing either ‘a sickly sweet’ Christmas tale, or a ‘horrific Christmas nightmare’.  Being one of the most miserable teachers on the planet, I’m pleased that most children have chosen to prepare for the latter…so stay alert!  Thank you to all the readers from abroad also, it’s great collecting all the countries, a bit like playing Risk- if you know anyone in other countries please ask them to have a look too.  Begrudgingly from Ebeneezer O’Neill, class teacher- Merry Christmas!

There is no word for fear of corridors!

I am afraid of long corridors’

Like a woolly sheep is afraid of  sharp shears,

Like a hairy fly is terrified of  a vicious  fly-swatter,

Like a juicy apple is startled by a pointy knife,

Like an old house is petrified by a enormous wrecking ball,

Like a delicious grape is panic-stricken by glistening razor sharp teeth.

I am afraid of long corridors.


I am scared of rabbits

Like flammable fuel is suspicous of large sparks,

Like minute bees are afraid of gigantic rain drops,

Like corpulant juicy seals are anxious of great white sharks,

Like slender paper is terrified of keen-edged scissors,

Like bulbous ants are panic-stricken by enormous stomping feet,

Like tall trees are fear-ful of forceful chainsaws,

Like reckless golf balls are apprehensive of remorsless golf clubs,

I am scared of rabbits.

Here is the first (hopefully of many) year 6 poems about fear.


I am scared of the sea!!!

Like bacon is scared of a sizzling frying pan,

Like flies are horrified of a deadly spider,

Like giant trees are frightened of a rusty chainsaw,

Like old houses are anxious of a wrecking-ball,

Like noisy doors are troubled by black sticky oil,

Like freezing snow is terrified of the blazing sun,

I am scared of the sea!!!

The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust is the largest international wetland conservation charity in the UK. Founded in 1946 by the artist and naturalist Sir Peter Scott (1909 – 1989), WWT has 9 visitor centres around the UK, where people can get closer to wetland birds and enjoy spectacular wetland landscapes. Click HERE to see photos from Year 6’s recent visit there, or click HERE to visit the WWT website.