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Here is a sixty (or so) word news report about an Aston Villa game.  Again, completely written by the children, including any errors.  Comments welcome.

Aston Villa football club won their fourth game of the campaign earlier this evening. Bacuna (Bend it like Bacuna) scored a cracking free kick along with a bullet header from Kozak that flew into the back of the net of the opposition, Cardiff.

Paul Lambert said he is pleased to get back to winning ways because they lost their last game to Newcastle United but drew against Norwich. He also said Katy Perry is a Villa fan, that’s why she made a song called ‘roar’, because they’re lions.

By Callum

Dear All,

From now on, we are going to be displaying some children’s work regularly.  The children will be blogging various pieces of their writing with the ambition of sharing it with a ‘worldwide audience’.  The writing they share will be edited by themselves only.  It is all their own work, so please be kind with comments!

We were both quiet… We were scared. We then saw the shiny, unmarked hallway. I was amazed, I think Danny was too.

We both tentatively walked to the door. We looked up. It looked like space. My heart pounded, my pulse raced, my eyes widened.

We opened the door… The door crept open. It was space! There was no blazing carpet of bluebells, there was no trees bursting with blossom, there was not even a symphony of song birds. It was just rocks, rocks and more rocks. They were as big as the house, maybe even bigger!

The atmosphere was pitch black  and the misty [probably because we’re in space]. The rocks were like humans and we’re ants. We were pethetic compared to the massive boulders.

“Where are we?” Danny exclaimed

“Saturn probably!” I exclaimed…

I then spat gently to see if there was gravity. It just floated to the gleaming planet.

Earth, Space, Saturn- where would you rather be?

It was freezing. I nearly got frostbite.

Eventually the cerulean eyes of Danny’s met the fawn eyes of mine and then we walked inside.

By Reece

After a hectic half term we have an even more hectic run up to Christmas.  Here are a few dates for your diary.  Hopefully by writing them down I won’t forget either.

Thursday 7th November- Service at St Peter’s and St Michael’s churches- Remembrance.

Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th- Parent’s evening.

Thursday 14th November- Trip to Slimbridge Wetlands Park.  Return at around six, but check tweets for updates.  Tweets-it’s a bird sanctuary- I’ve just made myself laugh…

Tuesday 26th- Library visit.

ALSO- this half term, around mid December, we will confirm dates for the Year 6 Inspire workshop.

We are considering either Wednesday 27th or Thursday 28th Nov for our Year 6 SATs meeting.  Please let me know if you have any preference.  Hope these dates help….now to find one of my class, train them in the art of blogging and get them to pretend to be me…..