Breeze whistles mightily across the soaring senile trees as,

Snow tumbles leisurely covering the verdant reeds.

Sun displaces lightning for fun as,

Rain pours down angrily on the Ice , who almost weighs a tonne,.

Mist obscures the beaming sun irritatingly as,

Rain encloses on the soft white snow antagonistically.

Hail issues ultimatums to the immense and intimidating sea as,

Lightning obliterates the city making sure everyone flee.

Wind weaves through the tall trees in the forest,

As Hurricane flips the car over like a gymnast.

Blizzard acrobatically slithered around the hiking man,

As Frost on the cars crawls slowly down the window.

Thunder frantically shouts through the airs atmosphere,

As Lightning dramatically crashes, down on land.

Gale fiercly kicks the small child hurtfully,

As Breeze gently dances across the wheat farm.

Fog menaces the grass in amusement,

As Mist irritates the exasperated drivers, in a cruel mocking way.

Drizzle cries in a unfortunate way,

As Sun smiles in delighfulness.

Cyclone smashes through the dark alley,

As Dust devil crashes through the winters night.

Frost freezes car windows silently ,

As Snow falls on houses circumspectley.

Deluge rushes despondently down the hill,

As Rain drizzles on the houses meticulously.

Ice slithers snake-like across the hill negligently,

As Lightning rides across the enigmatic sky.

Rain dances on gusts of frosty air,

As Cloud bathes in light elegantly.

Cumulus rests on snow capped summits,

As Sun rises upon hunched shoulders of the craggy mountains.

Snow lands on rocky mountains extravagently,

As Frost sweeps through the blue yonder.

Gale drives through the winters night,

As Morning dew streaks along the envious grass.

Sun dances happily through the sky,

As the breeze floats over the land.

Hurricane hastens through the creaking trees,

As the sun’s smile beams down at the soft trees.

Snow silently travels to the stoney floor,

As the elegant breeze softly whispers into the gentleman’s face.

Hail crashes angrily down onto the wet parquet,

As the sun glances through the window.

By Teigan

Sun mocks hail in amusement,

As rain spits shyly onto the ground.

Snow drizzles down in a reticent breeze,

As wind marches fleetingly past the auburn trees.

Fog mysteriously ambushes the atmosphere,

As blizzard violently smashes through the secluded street.

Thunder infuriatedly crashes into the radiant houses,

As lightning savagly rips open the ultramarine cars.

Ice slithers across the gritty ground,

As snow prances around.

By Reiss


Dear Mr Kong,

I am writing on behalf of the Hygienic Organisation Society,the H.O.S, to inform you on the faults of your shop We noticed when we came to inspect on Tuesday 7th april.We have listed the problems below and how to resolve them. If you don’t do anything about it, we will be forced to close down your shop for the safety of the people.

Firstly, the timer on your oven is broken and needs to be repaired immediately. If not, the meat you cook will not be prepared to perfection, consequently, bacteria will not have fully have been eradicated and will reproduce until the meat is swarmed with tiny little pieces of harmful bacteria.

Next, is that you do not own a sink in the area you prepare your food. This is VITAL that you own this so when you are finished with one piece of food, you wash away the bacteria before moving on to the next, otherwise you will spread bacteria from one food to another.

Thirdly, you store your meat above your vegetables. This is one of the main reasons why bacteria is spreading. The bacteria from the meat would drip down onto the vegetables, therefore, it is ruining them and poisoning your valued customers.

Your next fault is that your fridge is not working and is not at the right temperature. This could affect the food by not freezing the bacteria so they can’t reproduce,  this is also a big problem with your restaraunt. If the food isn’t stored properly, it might rot and go bad.

In conclusion, if you don’t make serious changes in 3 weeks, we will have no choice but to close down your shop for good.We will see you in three weeks!

Yours Sincerely,

   # Brandon,

  (The Hygienic Organisation Society)


That’s right, you guessed it! Our dodgy kebab was about micro-organisms.  Children have learned about how bacteria can be both harmful and helpful, and how it can multiply rapidly in the right conditions.  We learned about how we can prevent harmful bacteria from spreading in the context of a fast food shop.  We then had to write a letter to the owner explaining changes he had to make in order to prevent more ‘dodgy kebabs being served…Here we go….

Dear Mr Jones,

I am writing to you from the (BFHSO) British Food Hygienic Standards Office.  I want to explain to you how you can improve your shop.  After we visited on the Monday  15th November we saw several folts that are extremely dangerous.  You need to change your shop to make it more hygenic. Here are some solutions…

Firstly, you do not have a sink in the food preparation area.  It is bad because if you or your staff handles raw meat and then prepares the salad, the bacteria spreads from the meat to the salad.   This could be improved  by getting a new sink and make sure that  your staff wash their hands before and after preparing food.

Another  reason we are worried is because your fridge doesn’t  work properly.  The point of a fridge is to stop bacteria multiplying and reproducing. You need to get a new fridge because if you don’t the bacteria will keep on reproducing because it is room temperature and the bacteria likes it.

Another  problem is that the meat is stored at the top of the fridge while the lettuce is directly below.  This is a problem because meat contains liquid so as the liquid drops it takes most of the bacteria with it. The bacteria from the meat drops onto the lettuce. If the lettuce was going to be cooked it would be ok to do this but if you do not cook it then the harmful bacteria can make your customers ill.

I discovered that your cooker timer is broken.  This is a problem because your meat won’t  cook  properly. When you cook food the bacteria dies so your meat needs to cooked properly. This problem can be solved by calling someone to fix it so it will not go off two minutes early.

An important problem is that your disinfectant bottle is empty.  The consequences of this are that your food will be collecting more bacteria from other food sources that have been on the work surface which does not get cleaned thoroughly.

In conclusion we will have to shut down your shop if you do not follow our recommendations and make changes within the next two weeks

Your sincerely,

British Food Hygiene Standards Office  (BFHSO)

By Tkiya and Maraki

Football-09154It was a sunny day in Edgbaston as the Kitwell Spartans traveled to Chad Vale School to play in the first round of the Harborne District Cup Competition. We were all nervous.

After a long car journey, we finally got there and started to practise…well…we were just kicking the ball recklessly at the goal. As the ref called the captains, we all got in our positions. We won the toss so we got kick-off.

The first ten minutes were fairly good until a GIRL scored a screamer – top right corner!! A few minutes after, Joshua (known as ‘The Beaver’) scored from the half way line; the score was now 1-1. It was 21st minute, and out of nowhere Kartell scored a cracking goal. Then, two minutes after Lewis scored, you never guess what…he scored again, and then he scored another. He was in great form. The score was now 1-5. Jahvell was on the subs bench and Mr. Kendrick decided to put him on just before the end of the game. He came on and asked Captain Josh, “Which way are we shooting, Josh?” and Josh replied “LOL…that way! Go and pressure them, Jahvell, QUICK!”

Football-09129smJahvell challenged them and they got scared because he was really tall. He won it and chipped the keeper with his big toe.

He didn’t even notice he scored until Mr. Kendrick and Mr. O’Neil started laughing, in happiness. He asked “Shall I celebrate or not?”

Mr. Kendrick replied, “Jahvell, football is all about celebrating!” He went wild.

The score in the end was 1-6 to Kitwell. When we went to shake hands, Captain Josh ‘The Beaver’ said the wrong thing. He said, “Three cheers for Chad Valley!” But it was a happy ending once again…

Report by ‘The Beaver’ and ‘The Gerbil’

Danny quickly grabbed the card and ran.  They heard a huge banging noise on the door!

“Who is it Walter?” exclaimed Danny.  Then the door opened…  In a flash, the boys scrabbled up the stairs.  The banging stopped.  Danny and Walter peered down the stairs.  As they peered, the door gushed open with a WHOOSH!

Frozen to the spot, Danny and Walter slyly tiptoed down the stairs.  In front of them was a misty figure.  Then it faded, and shaped into a lady.

“It’s Cinderella!”whispered Danny.

“No she isn’t.  She is nothing like her…?”whispered Walter.  But when he was talking, he froze and wondered.  Then she turned around.  That was Walter realized who it was.

“Who are you children?” asked Cinderella.  “How did I get here?”

“We don’t know!”   shouted Danny.

By Aron.